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"the bride"  

The Bride’s “dress” is created from paper presenting this traditional lamp material in an unusual solution. As light shines through the paper, you will find yourself infused by an aura of airy lightness ; almost as if the lamp were not subject to the law of gravity. This most definitely a lamp with a gender - the atmosphere created by the Bride is truly feminine. Entirely handmade, each Bride has her own personality characterized by the unique pattern in which her shade is woven with the personal touch of the weaver who created the pattern. No two Brides on earth are the same! The collection is comprised of ceiling lamps in two sizes and a kindred floor lamp and table lamp.

"the sisters"

The Sisters in the "mammalampa" collection are characterized by refined and nuanced painterly color relationships. These lamps have been prepared in the manner of traditional paintings, in other words, a canvas painted with color nuances and brush strokes. While these brush strokes are masterly and give the painting on each lamp its individual character, the lamps are entirely handmade. The texture of The Sisters cloth and colors generates a warm and cozy mood, accenting the finish of the cloth and brush strokes. The lamps in this collection are available in seven different color tones creating various moods and can be varied in various color combinations creating a rich bouquet of nuances within a room.

"the queen"

The exterior of "the Queen" is made from corroding steel, while the inside of the lamp is covered with 23.75 carat gold plate. The spherical gold-plated form creates the illusion that the entire inner surface of the sphere radiates light. Its clean lines and simplicity characterize the shape of "the Queen”. In turn, the ambitious combination of materials creates a truly impressive image. In this lamp the most valuable face of metal meets the poorest. These two surfaces are entirely handmade; the queen’s golden shine is guaranteed by the handcraft of expert goldsmiths, while nature draws spontaneous and unpredictable patterns on the rust. No two "Queens" on earth are the same!

"the duchess"

The Duchess undoubtedly possesses her own discrete charm. Her belonging to the highest circles is confirmed by her refined decoration, which is entirely handmade from Swarovski crystal. The Duchess is characterized by an eternally classical semi-spherical form. However, the material from which it is formed is surprising - various manifestations of stone. In this lamp, the rougher face of stone - marble chips meets the elegant refinement of Swarovski crystal.Both materials on the lamp’s outer shell are masterfully combined, creating a unique texture. No two Duchess on earth are the same. Enjoy the Duchess’ constantly changing and elusive shine!

"the wise one" 

“The Wise One” lamp is made from wood with the power of the moment when her wood was felled. The lampshade is entirely handmade; each wooden log has been selected for its individuality, thus preserving the individual character of each tree. No two Wise Ones on earth are the same! In “the Wise One”, the forces of nature are contrasted with the perfect refinement of the same material and highlights the skill of its craftsmen in transcending classical views of the traditional use of wood. Light, shining through the thin ash wood, creates a gamma of the colours of sunrise. She will organically blend into a rural environment, as well as providing the essence of nature within city apartments. The Wise One’s collection consists of a ceiling lamp and floor lamp.

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The elegance, roundness and shine of these bowls tie them to the image of the Earth’s natural satellite. They carry the mystery of night and have their own dark side, hiding luminous insights. The levelled surface brings you a luxury aesthetic feeling in a classic, perfectly rounded shape. The play of light and shade, and space within the Bowl!

"deco jazz"

The drive and energy of improvisation with a touch of splendour, the glassware that brings you the wish fulfillment. The new derivative of an award winning DECO collection wears the splendid genes of a design superstar, yet extending the borders and reaching into a new kind of radiance. Feel the infinite drive of light and reflections! The new collections are available in teal or amber, fully coloured or splashed. The latter resemble the chiaroscuro or tenebrist effect, creating light-dark shading in the reflected and transmitted three-dimensional glow. Crafted using the an&angel’s innovative high-tech method of merging two essentially different materials: glass and stainless steel, creating an ultra-thin, high-quality overlay with a distinct mirror effect.


DECO – the Red Dot Award 2013 and German Design Award 2015 winning collection, consists of various shape sand colours of mouth - blown glass bowls which radiate cultural elegance due to their simple form, colouring and subtle mirror effects. Enjoy the infinite play of light and reflections!

"in between"

IN BETWEEN - these 5 layer glass bowls are a fusion of our BLACK&WHITE collection with the shine and glance of the mirror. They are elegant in their simplicity, amazing in their ability to reflect the surrounding reality.

"black & white"

BLACK & WHITE are functional bowls made of two different coloured layers of glass. White exterior and black interior or vice versa make them especially practical. The shape varies from classical thick-bottomed upward slanting bowls to cozy round bowls and unique “wave” shaped bowls that can be flipped over and used from both sides.

"northern lights"

NORTHERN LIGHTS bowls are blown from 4 to 5 layers of glass and feature striking colour displays - reminiscent of the elusive aurora borealis. Olive, lavender, teal or burgundy hue interiors of the bowls contrast with white or black exterior. The illuminating “dance of the spirits” of these bowls, when placed in our earthly habitat, invokes celestial drama.